About Thomas Lundy


Canadian and Dutch dual citizen (naturalized Dutch in 2011) Thomas Lundy* was born in 1972 in Toronto and graduated from secondary school at the Canadian Forces Base of Lahr (in Germany's southwest Black Forest region near the Swiss and French frontiers) in 1990, where he lived between 1980 and 1993. Awarded a bursary for achievement in foreign languages, he holds degrees from University College Cork (1994, Bachelor in Spanish and French, and a year in Nice studying Renaissance Culture) and the University of Toronto (2000, Bachelor in Education), where in 1998 Lundy also founded Canada's first campus coed nude recreation club at a tertiary educational institute, the University of Toronto Nudists/Naturists (see this article in the national Canadian weekly magazine Maclean's); Lundy also gave over a dozen interviews on U.S. and New Zealand radio talk shows, and in Toronto with Louise Bak's SEX CITY on CIUT, the University of Toronto radio station. Lundy had already given interviews about nudism on British radio and French-Canadian television in 1995.

Established in The Netherlands since 2002, Lundy started rickshawing in Amsterdam in June 2008, after having worked as a teacher for seven years. Experimenting with a solar power application on his rickshaw resulted in a report on Reuters and a listing on Wikipedia. In 2015 Lundy was sponsored by the Swedish card reader device iZettle, for which he was interviewed in De Ondernemer as well as on Dutch radio. Lundy's Solar Rickshaw was also on French television and sponsored for various events including Finnair, Samsung, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), the cities of Utrecht and Amsterdam.

Thomas Lundy has also been a published photographer and travel/lifestyle writer since 1991 (see this TIME magazine clipping.) A  televised filmmaker (Lundy's short films earned him a 2001 interview on Canadian national television and this 2013 podcast interview on Youtube) with acting credits on IMDb, including a role in the progressive and genre-groundbreaking Danish film ALL ABOUT ANNA, for which Lundy was interviewed in the Norwegian women's magazine DET NYE in 2003 and the 2007 self-help guidebook SECRETS OF PORN STAR SEX by British author Marcelle Perks. Lundy's music was reviewed in the British magazine Hip Hop Connection; other recordings as musician, vocalist, lyricist and composer still exist on various platforms. he dwells in Amsterdam where he has two children.

Lundy is the auhor of a 2013 book entitled Thus Spokes Solar Rickshaw : Reflexions of a Rickshaw Puller

On 23 March 2016 Lundy's rickshaw licence was mysteriously revoked by the city of Amsterdam, resembling Franz Kafka's novel THE TRIAL (published in 1925) in which the protagonist must go on trial for accusations, the nature of which he is prevented from knowing. Lundy asked for transparency and lengthy legal appeals lasting two years ensued, ending with a win for Lundy on 3 April 2018 in Amsterdam after winning in The Hague. See the trilogy called LUNDY VS AMSTERDAM 

In 2017 Lundy launched a petition to legalize (and eventually normalize) public nudity in The Netherlands, NaaktopStraat.nl - which in Dutch law is subject to no more than a fine - on the progressive "body-positive" or "body-neutral" socio-philosophical symbolic basis that only the human body in itself should never be shamed nor negatively discriminated against in the form of a fine. Inspired by the four Dutch iconic social innovations of legalized prostitution, same-sex marriage, euthanasia and tolerated soft drugs initially pioneered in The Netherlands, he calls it Het 5e Element (the 5th Element.) If this petition collects 40 thousand digital signatures in The Netherlands then it will be upgraded to a citzen's initiative (Burgerinitiatief) and Lundy will be allotted 10 minutes in Dutch parliament to present this initiative. Publicity is crucial and Lundy has already sent out Dutch press releases to four key Dutch media platforms but none have yet replied. As Nelson Mandela once said, "it's impossible until it happens" and this project has no deadline so Lundy will plug away slowly ad infinitum to realize this socially progressive and collective paradigm-shifting cause!

Also on Vimeo and Twitter as Lundoxia and YouTube as Thomas Lundy

*The name Lundy stems from the Scandinavian word Lund meaning grove, combined with the original Norse ending of "øya" (meaning "The Island") or "ey" in Icelandic (Icelandic is ancient Norse), it means grove island. Many places carry its name or variations of it including Boulevard Lundy in Reims (France), Lundy island (off county Devon in England), Lundy in Nova Scotia Canada, Lundie in Scotland, Lund in Sweden, Lundby ("by" means "town" or "village" in Danish, Swedish and Norse) in Denmark and Sweden, Lundøya island in Norway north of the Arctic Circle, Lundey island in Iceland, Lundy Lake in California or Lundy's Lane in Niagara Falls Canada, the scene of The battle of Lundy's Lane between Canada and the United States in 1814. Perhaps the most historical figure to bear this name was Robert Lundy. Initially a soldier in foreign wars and then a Lieutenant-Colonel in Dublin under Viscount Mountjoy, he became Governor of Derry during its siege of 1689. Accused of treason by Ulster unionists and loyalists, he fled in disguise to Scotland where he was arrested and sent to the Tower of London. Later exempted by the Act of Indemnity in 1690, Lundy returned to military service. At the behest of the King of Portugal's forces, salaried by the British Crown, Lundy rose to the rank of General and was sent to defend Gibraltar against the French in 1707 during the war of Spanish succession (Gibraltar had been seized by Dutch and British fleets in 1704 and finally in 1713 The Treaty of Utrecht ceded Gibraltar to the United Kingdom of Great Britain.) Robert Lundy died in 1717.