About Thomas Lundy


Canadian and Dutch dual citizen (naturalized Dutch in 2011) Thomas Lundy was born in 1972 in Toronto and graduated from secondary school at the Canadian Forces Base of Lahr (in Germany's southwest Black Forest region near the Swiss and French frontiers) in 1990, where he lived between 1980 and 1993. Awarded a bursary for achievement in foreign languages, he holds degrees from University College Cork (1994, Bachelor in Spanish and French, and a year in Nice studying Renaissance Culture) and the University of Toronto (2000, Bachelor in Education.)

Established in The Netherlands since 2002, Lundy started rickshawing in Amsterdam in June 2008. Experimenting with a solar power application on his rickshaw resulted in a report on Reuters and a listing on Wikipedia. In 2015 Lundy was sponsored by the Swedish card reader device iZettle, for which he was interviewed in De Ondernemer as well as on Dutch radio. Lundy's Solar Rickshaw was also on French television and sponsored for various events including Finnair, Samsung, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), the cities of Utrecht and Amsterdam. He dwells in Amsterdam where he has two children.

Lundy is the auhor of a 2013 book entitled Thus Spokes Solar Rickshaw : Reflexions of a Rickshaw Puller