Thursday, 01 May 2014 17:46

Publicity for Lundoxia and Solar Rickshaw

Written by Thomas Lundy

Rates negotiable depending on numerous factors, please inquire. I also speak fluent Dutch; I post this info in English as far more Dutch people speak English than non-Dutch people speak Dutch

Recent booked PR events include:

2018: Schram Film Studios Amsterdam (Lowlands festival featurette)

2015: En Serio PR bureau + iZettle media interviews promoting this Swedish credit & bank card reading device; Interview AmsterdamFMde Ondernemer, in July 2015 I was made an iZettle ambassador

2013France 3 (FR3) Television series; interviews with French nationals residing abroad (filmed with fisheye camera lenses inside my rickshaw)

2012Samsung 2012 Reserved tour for Samsung's CEO from Seoul Korea 

2011Duurzaam Amsterdam 2011 (Gemeente Amsterdam)

2010: International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA

2010Autovrije Dag Utrecht 2010 (Gemeente Utrecht)