Interview in Dutch on 5 June 2015 with me Thomas Lundy on AmsterdamFM about iZettle credit card or bank card reading device from Stockholm Sweden

An article interview on 19 June 2015 for the online magazine de Ondernemer

As well, in mid-July 2015 I was made an "iZettle ambassador"

It is fun to be an interviewee at long last, since I have been an interviewer all my life (formally and informally)! Finally someone puts questions to me instead of mostly the other way around! report on Solar Rickshaw, 18 October 2011 (worldwide.) Watch it here.*

Reuters Japan

Reuters on YouTube 

Zoomin TV version (sourced from the original Reuters footage item, this Zoomin TV report features a different voice-over narration made by Zoomin TV.) 

*Reuters is the world's largest source news organization.