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Read more... report on Solar Rickshaw, 18 October 2011 (worldwide.) Watch it here.*

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Zoomin TV version (sourced from the original Reuters footage item, this Zoomin TV report features a different voice-over narration made by Zoomin TV.) 

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No; in fact the inner seating passenger space is the BIGGEST of all rickshaws in Amsterdam! It's not hard to compare the spaces with other rickshaws, just take a look!


Years of experience prove that the overwhelming majority of rides are clinched by waiting patiently in places with the densest circulation of pedestrians. On more rare occasions, rides are scored by sheer chance while driving. This is an uncanny phenomenon, partly explained by the power of subliminal influence in a crowd mentality context. As with approaching passers-by, this too is practiced but only under certain conditions, it's tricks of the trade and comes with experience.


My music is already on ReverbNation, SoundCloud, Ipernity as Lundoxia (first 2 pages of Google search results, "all roads lead to Rome", or Lundoxia.) Quick background: I've been making music demo tapes since the early 1980s, one of which was reviewed in the British monthly magazine Hip Hop Connection in 1991 (re-published on my Issuu page; that demo tape had been sent in 1989 but published only 2 years later! Note: this was before 1992 when I started using my middle name Thomas; before that year I used the short form of my first name Cornelius, Neil, which few people could correctly pronounce)

Although I never "broke through", for demo songs recorded in the space of a few hours, they are not so bad as any objective musical mind will observe.

Many unrecognized artists feel they "missed the boat"; only a long-struggling artist knows the true meaning of this sentiment. 1989 was definitely the year I "missed the boat"; I sent hundreds of demo tapes under the names Def Jef and Bass Ace* to all the recording companies I could find that released rap music, in Europe and the US. To my dying breath, I shall scratch my head and wonder where it went wrong. I have had many "missed the boat" years, another was in 2003 with a small role in a Zentropa film that failed. John Lennon of The Beatles said: "what if Brian Epstein hadn't walked into the Cavern Club?!" We live and die by a hair. 

One summer a few years ago just meters away from me stood the highly successful rap artist KRS-One of The Bronx New York. It was in front of Rijkmuseum, on the Stadhouderskade side. A couple of pedestrians started talking with him. The profound moment triggered a flood of memories of my vast rap vinyl collection, including his work. I entered into a state of deep thought, contemplating whether I should introduce myself to him. But I did not. That era had passed, and I did not want to be seen as hassling him given he was with his family. Listen to KRS-One rapping in I'm Still #1

Listen to this clip of Adrock (of The Beastie Boys) describe how he recommended a demo tape he happened to listen to by LL Cool J, sent in by him to Rick Rubin

*Interesting to note that in 1989 another artist from Harlem New York happened to release a rap album under the same name (Def Jef's JUST A POET WITH A SOUL); another Swedish act also appeared under the similar name ACE OF BASE in 1992; I still have the rejection letter in a box from the same recording company that produced that act's work. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I will never find out. Neither act is still active today. 


Thomas Lundy is the author of a book of "instant philosophy" and poems entitled "Thus Spokes Solar Rickshaw", published on bravenewbooks (

I also wrote articles for an online lifestyle magazine about Food Design, Art Galleries in Amsterdam, Sauna Deco in Amsterdam and Kiev

Author of Published articles: I began writing non-fiction in 1991, the year my commentary on Switzerland’s 700th anniversary was published in TIME and NEWSWEEK. I also write fiction, poetry, philosophy, screenplays and lyrics. Nudist or naturist magazines never rejected my submissions, that is why so much of my published work is in that category. 

Issuu: (as King Lundox / Thomas Lundy), print-only published scanned clippings works include lifestyle, travel and in-flight magazines (22 pieces when signed in to Issuu)




NEWS: Click here to go to "Publicity" to watch/listen to video/audio reports/interviews about Solar Rickshaw or Thomas Lundy as film artist


Artist/innovator Thomas Lundy is delighted to introduce the world’s first* semi-solar powered rickshaw, or 'bike taxi' (retaining a part of the Japanese invention of a human powered vehicle, namely cycling.)


After renting used rickshaws for a year, in May 2009 I began drawing up plans to have my own made, with a list of desired features. Nearly half a year later, on 26 September 2009 I first hit the streets with what is in fact the longest and tallest (though not the widest) rickshaw in Amsterdam, a bright luminous red/orange fluorescent tint, which one might cutely dub as "The Pink Panther"

It has a number of features other rickshaws do not, namely (updated 13 June 2015):


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